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Special Geology Programs:

2011 Cub Scout Day Camp Geology ProgramOur special geology programs were designed specifically for the Cub Scouts, but they are great programs for other youth groups, schools, and summer camps too! Our geology program meets all the requirements for cub scouts to earn their Geology belt loop and several of the requirements for the geology pin. Below we have included a description of what we did at an event in 2011. keep in mind that we can and do customize our programs to meet your specific needs.

2011 National Pike District Cub Scout Day Camp:

We ran special gem mining, geology, and geode cracking programs for over 600 Cub Scouts and junior campers at the 2011 National Pike District Cub Scout day camp held at the Howard County Fairgrounds. We began the week reviewing 2011 Cub Scout Day Camp Geology Programwhat geology is, the difference between a rock and a mineral, the rock cycle, Mohs hardness scale, and so much more. Then all the participants got to work our educational ore on the gem mining flumes to find examples of the three rock types along with many of the minerals you might find on the Mohs hardness scale along with a few surprises. Each participant went home with the start of or great addition to a rock & mineral collection.

Later in the week we did a quick review on what we learned earlier in the week before moving on to the second program we ran for the camp, geode cracking. We reviewed what a geode is, how many of them may have formed, and then each participant got to crack and keep their own geode using our customized geode cracking machines. 2011 Cub Scout Day Camp Geology Program

Everyone was having a great time and the week went by so fast! For anyone who has ever been involved in scouting, we are very proud to report that many felt our station and programs may have even been more popular than air rifle and archery this year.  We never , nor did anyone else think that could be possible. That just demonstrates that presented in a fun and educational way, earth sciences can be pretty cool too!

The programs we ran meets the requirements for the boys to earn their geology belt loop and gives them a good start on completing the requirements to earn their Academics Pin. The Mobile Mining Experience staff would be honored to be a part of the presentation of these achievements at your pack meetings. However, time will only allow us to be present a limited number 2011 Cub Scout Day Camp Geology Programof these presentations of achievements. So, please send or email us some pictures from the camp and reasons why we should choose your pack. We will choose who had the best submissions and make the arrangements with the adult leadership to attend your pack meeting.

On behalf of the Mobile Mining Staff, I would like to give a special thanks to all the cub scouts, the adult leaders and volunteers, the Boy Scout volunteers, and the dedicated camp staff for making this event such a great success and enjoyable experience for all.

To all those cub scouts that were there, how about one last cheer…

“Geology Rocks, Geology Rocks, Geology Rocks!” Well done!    We cant wait to see you 2012!  That's right, we will be there! Will you?

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