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Looking Ahead:

There are many new programs and products in the works. Many of them can already be found within the many pages of this website. Below is some things that work behind the scenes is ongoing, but lacks the funding to go forward at this time

Mobile Interactive Museum:

Probably the most ambitious of all the planned new additions to our programs and services is our desire to create a mobile interactive museum. This would be a hands-on and interactive experience that will review basic geology, mining history, and the importance of mining (when done right) and the many products and services it provides society. This unique museum will travel to schools, larger youth group programs & events, nature centers, and so forth.

Regrettably, the cost to create and maintain this one of a kind museum is far greater than we could possible undertake without the support from others. That said, work on preliminary design will begin as well our efforts to gain support from others. Put plainly, there is a need for this and we are committed to making it happen. The only question that remains is when it will happen and who will step up to help.

Mobile Lapidary Programs:

One of many programs that Mobile Mining Experience looks forward to introducing in the near future is Mobile Lapidary Programs. Imagine fun & excitement of being able to take a rough stone found while gem mining with us and turning it into a finished piece of jewelry. There are other new programs that currently have priority of our new lapidary programs. But, preliminary design work on this mobile lapidary lab will hopefully begin soon. More details to come, so please check back!


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