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Welcome to the Mobile Mining Experience website

We proudly offer some of the highest quality fun and educational programs and experiences found or offered anywhere with a single goal in mind, inspiring "kids of all ages" in the sciences! So, it’s not surprising that so many believe we are Maryland's and Northern Virginia's top choice for fun & educational Gem Mining, Geode Cracking, and Geology related programs and experiences!  Every program and activity we run has educational elements carefully designed into them. But, we make sure these programs are so much fun; few even realize they are learning things too. That’s not by mistake, it’s by design and it works!

GTC/ MME Mission Statement: To provide fun & educational programs, products, and experiences with the goal of inspiring "kids of all ages" to explore and learn more about the sciences...


VISIT OUR NEW GEOLOGIC TIMES CORPORATION (d.b.a. Mobile Mining Experience & GTC Rock Shop)  WEBSITE: . We plan to take this site (the old Mobile Mining Experience website) down in the coming weeks and the old domain will be linked to the new website. Thank you for your continued support and patience!


GTC Rock Shop

GTC Rock Shop Location

GTC Rock Shop located within the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, MD  conveniently located directly from the Barnes and Noble mall entrance and near Sears and Dick's Sporting Goods. All sales help support Geologic Times Corporations geosciences educational efforts

NOTICE: The mall, and our store, are now open







                           About Us
          Tom Cummins
About Us:

What sets us apart is our great staff and our collective priority and mission plan to inspire "kids of all ages" in the sciences in all we do, and it shows! Learn about our amazing staff, the  many steps we take to insure we are providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to learn and work in, our history, our goals and mission plan, our accomplishments, our future plans, and so much more. learn more...

Fun & Educational Programs
MME Rock Cycle case

Fun & Educational Programs:
Why not consider one of the many unique, fun, and educational Mobile Mining Experience programs and activities we offer for schools, youth groups, summer camps, birthday parties, company or community picnics, fundraisers, recreation centers, zoos, festivals, fairs,  etc... learn more...

Calendar Of Events:
2015 H&G

Calendar Of Events:
Most of what we do is privately contracted by public and private schools, youth groups, summer camps, nature centers, zoo's, museums, and so forth. However, there are many "open to the public" programs, events, and so forth too that you wont want to miss. So, be sure to check out our calendar of events page to discover when and where these great opportunities might be including our seasonal location at the Clark's Elioak Farm.  learn more...

MME STEM LogoSTEAM  Fun & Educational programs that are
  perfect for STEM & STEAM efforts!

Gem & Fossil Mining
Look what I found

  Gem & Fossil Mining Programs:  Nothing beats the pure joy of hands-on discovery! Experience the fun and excitement of mining for real gemstones, minerals, fossils, and other treasures.   We proudly offer top quality gem & fossil mining  programs and activities that are sure to inspire "kids of all ages"    learn more...

Identify Your Finds!
Would you like to find real gemstones

Identify Your Finds !...
We are using a unheard of 400 plus different types and grades of real gemstones, minerals, rocks, fossils, and more to create some of the most diverse and highest quality enriched ore options available anywhere. Visit our "Identify Your Finds" page to learn what you found...learn more...

Geode Cracking / Basic Geology
MME geode cracking 2

Geode Cracking / Basic Geology:  There is just something special about cracking open one of these rather ordinary to flat out boring looking rocks and quickly discover the treasures hidden inside. We offer several different geode cracking / basic geology programs that are perfect for STEM & STEAM
learn more...

MME STEM LogoSTEAM  Fun & Educational programs that are
  perfect for STEM & STEAM efforts!

Seasonal Location: Clark's Elioak Farm

Seasonal Location: Clark's Elioak Farm We are at the Clark's Elioak Farm in Ellicott City Maryland on select weekends April through October.  For those who have never been to the farm, we highly recommend it as a great family activity. Please see our "calendar of events" page for schedule dates.  learn more... 

How You Can Help!

We Need Your Help & Support!
We are already making a difference by inspiring "kids of all ages" in science. Yet, we have barely even scratched the surface of what we plan to and will offer. Just imagine how much more we could do with your materials & equipment donations, program sponsorships, educational grants, and support...    learn more...

Facebook Logo

If you haven't yet visited our Facebook page recently, then click on the Facebook link image above to see what you've been missing! There will be regular contests,  some special offers, and events you will only learn about through our Facebook Page.
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MME STEM LogoSTEAM  Fun & Educational programs that are
  perfect for STEM & STEAM efforts!

Employment Opportunities:

Employment Help wanted! We are now accepting resumes for several part-time special events positions. This involves assisting with and running programs at a number of local schools, nature centers, and for youth groups  learn more...

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