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About Us:

Mobile Mining Experience proudly provides fun & educational programs and experiences for "kids of all ages". Every program and activity we run has educational elements carefully designed into them. But, these programs are so much fun; few even realize they are learning things too. That’s not by mistake, it’s by design and it works! This clearly cost us more to do, but it provides true value and benefits that simply cannot be measured monetarily alone... There can always be cheaper options out there, but you would have a tough time finding a company that offers more value or that can do it better!


When and how did Mobile Mining Experience begin?

Before we touch on our history, we feel it's important to talk a bit about one of the primary motivating factors for the founder to take these actions. The founder, Tom Cummins, believes that one is not fully justified to complain about something unless he or she is also willing to be a part of the solution. He felt that our current educational system was failing to inspire kids in science as it should. Mind you, this was not a criticism of our fine and devoted teachers, school administrators, or any one group. He felt we all shared in this failure, if for no other reason then we allowed it to happen. The founders response to this was his personal desire to make a difference which resulted in the formation of Mobile Mining Experience operations and its many fun & educational programs, products, and experiences it provides. 

Mobile Mining Experience “officially” became operational back in 2009 as under the control of and as a DBA of Creative Outdoor Expressions, LLC. But, work behind the scenes began back well back into 2006 when research and feasibility studies first began. In 2015, we began the process of making some significant changes to our operational structure which included the formation of a new "C" corporation. This change was needed for a number of reasons including to better position ourselves for eligibility for grants, and for our future expansion of operations.  The official move of all operations to be under the control of Geologic Times Corporation began at the start of 2016.  The control and ownership of the DBA of Mobile Mining Experience has been retained, so few would even notice the changes.

Our Company methodology, staff, training, and policies set us apart:

Providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all... Safety first and always:

Safety does not happen by accident, it’s only achieved by design and practice. We take the safety of our guests and staff very seriously and take actions to ensure we are providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all. Below is some of the steps we have taken…

MME Staff giving safety talk

Pictured on right shows two of our Mobile Mining Experience staff giving a brief instructional and safety talk prior to start of a gem mining program. This is the approach we take with  every program and activity we provide. "Safety First and Always" is our number one priority!



Our focus is on the creation of fun & educational experiences with the goal of inspiring kids of all ages in the sciences

Our 2018 Staff:

We believe that as a company, you can never be any better than your staff. In that regard, we are very fortunate indeed! We are extremely selective on whom we will hire and represent our company, and it shows… We have proudly assembled a great staff that our clients truly seem to enjoy working with. Moving forward we will be adding many new members to our staff with those same great traits. Perhaps that might even be you.... You can visit our employment web page for more information.


Tom Cummins

Tom Cummins,  Founder, President, and CEO


Tom studied environmental science in college and has always had a passion for helping others and pretty much anything that involved nature and the outdoors. 

“Our efforts have the unique opportunity and ability of potentially making a long-term positive impact for “kids of all ages”. It’s my sincere hope and desire that the programs, services, and products offered through the Mobile Mining Experience will serve to inspire others, especially our youth, to explore and learn more about the wonders around us. Who knows, our programs could be that spark that inspires our youth to become a geologist, or virtually any type of scientist, or engineer with untold contributions to be made. Just that chance of making that difference makes all of our hard work and efforts worthwhile and proud of what we do..."   Tom Cummins


We encourage your comments and suggestions, good or bad…

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible product, service, and experience possible at all times. We strive to improve upon every aspect of what we do and that is only possible with your support and help. If you had a wonderful experience with us, please tell us. If you have a suggestion on anything we can do better or new things we should offer, then please share it with us.

“We can’t fix or improve what we don’t know is broken or needs improvement" Tom Cummins, Founder, President, & CEO

We need your help and support!

How you can help further our mission! We are all very excited about what MME will become in the future,, and for good reasons! About the only thing holding us back from implementing more aspects of our master plan and expanding our service areas even faster is the resources (staff, equipment, cash, etc.) to make these efforts possible. It's with great pride that we can say we are already making a difference. With your continued support and donations, we can take this to the next level and make a even bigger difference far quicker.  learn more...

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