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VISIT OUR NEW GEOLOGIC TIMES CORPORATION (d.b.a. Mobile Mining Experience & GTC Rock Shop)  WEBSITE: . We plan to take this site (the old Mobile Mining Experience website) down in the coming weeks and the old domain will be linked to the new website. Thank you for your continued support and patience!


Gem & Fossil Mining Programs:

Mobile Mining Experience proudly provides fun & educational programs and experiences for "kids of all ages". Every program and activity we run has educational elements carefully designed into them. But, these programs are so much fun; few even Gem mining at Howard County Fairrealize they are learning things too. That’s not by mistake, it’s by design and it works! This clearly cost us more to do, but it provides true value and benefits that simply cannot be measured monetarily alone... There can always be cheaper options out there, but you would have a tough time finding a company that offers more value or that can do it better! !girl Gem mining

Gemstone, Mineral, and Fossil Mining: Nothing bests the pure joy of hands-on discovery! Far too few people are given an opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of mining for real gemstones, minerals, fossils, and other treasures. Until now, the opportunity to experience the level of quality programs and materials used in our gem, mineral, and fossil mining operations simply wasn't available locally and few could afford the time and expense of traveling to sites that do. Mobile Mining Experience proudly provides these great experiences and brings the adventure to you. Mother and daughter gem miningChoose your bucket of enriched ore. Sift through it in our working water flumes, and see what hidden treasures await you. 


Consider one of our unique, fun, and educational Mobile Mining Experience programs for your next fundraiser, corporate event, festival, fair, birthday party, youth group activity, or other event. We are especially excited about our educational programs for schools., youth groups, and summer camps.. This is sure to be a big hit with the kids and will inspire them to learn more about earth sciences.

Choose from a variety of pre-designed and customized gemstone, mineral, and fossil mining programs that are sure to be a big hit for your next. We are happy to work with you to fine tune a program meet your specific needs, desires, and budget.  

MME STEM LogoMany of our programs, including our gem & fossil mining programs,  are perfect for and are increasingly being utilized in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program efforts by public & privates schools, summer camps, and many others. Please let us know what your particular needs and goals are and the budget you have to work with. Our staff will work with you to recommend an existing program we offer or take steps to customize the program to meet and exceed your goals


What’s included? "The only limiting factors are site conditions, time, and budget…"

Look what I foundAll of our Gem & Fossil Mining Programs include the use of our custom built trailer mounted and / or our freestanding gem & fossil flume systems, a contracted number of buckets of enriched ore, use of all the equipment needed to search through your enriched ore in our trailer mounted water flumes, the assistance of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and an identification station and /or a identification sheet to enable participants to identify their finds. Participants get to keep what they find! Some of our gem mining programs also include educational display cases, presentations, and much more!

How many participants can there be? "The only limiting factors are site conditions, time, and budget…"

Trailer mounted mobile gemstone, mineral, & fossil flumes:

MME gem mining

Our trailer mounted gem & fossil flumes currently provide about 32’ of working flumes which allows us to work with as many as 14 participants at a time. We can add extensions our trailer mounted gem & fossil flumes which provides about 68’ of working flumes. These extensions allow us to work with around 28 participants at a time. Depending on the flume configuration and the type and size of the ore chosen, we can typically handle between sixty to several hundred participants a day with our trailer mounted flume configurations.


Portable gemstone, mineral, & fossil flumes: small programs

Coming soon! We plan to build a free standing mini-flume that can be contracted for smaller programs and possibly even rented for small DIY programs. Check back for more details...

Portable gemstone, mineral, & fossil flumes: exceptional large multi-day programs

New for 2016: For exceptional large multi-day programs, we also can set up hundreds of feet of portable free standing gem, mineral, and fossil mining flume systems. This is a very impressive system that can handle many hundreds if not thousands of participants per day. However, it involves nearly three days of set up and two days of tear down. Not cost effective for all but the largest programs. 

Our gemstone, mineral, & fossil flumes at Clark's Eliaok Farm:

CEF mineClark's Elioak Farm
We can also run semi private programs at our seasonal location, Clark's Elioak Farm. Please see our "Seasonal Location: Clark's Elioak Farm" page of our website for more information and our "Calendar of events" page for dates and times we are already scheduled to be there...


Mobile Flume Site Requirements: "TThe only limiting factors are site conditions, time, and budget…"

Trailer mounted gem & fossil flumes: Please keep in mind that our Mobile Mining Experience trailer requires a fairly large flat area. Our primary flume trailer weighs close to 5,000 pounds and is 20' long by 11’ 6” tall by 8' wide which can create some access problems.

Trailer mounted mobile gemstone, mineral, & fossil flumes: Existing system

MME mobile flumeLarge flume trailer For our small program configuration, we need a flat area with access to electric and water that is no less than 12 by 30’ in size (pictured on left).

For our large program configuration, we need a flat area with access to electric and water that is no less than 24 by 30’ in size (pictured on right).


Having more space is even better! If there is any question about the suitability and access of the proposed site, we highly recommend that you request that one of our representatives come out to inspect the site.

Trailer mounted mobile gemstone, mineral, & fossil flumes: New System (coming soon!)

We hope to begin work on our new mobile gem & fossil mining flume trailer soon. It will be considerably larger to accommodate larger program better and will include many new features. We are currently seeking sponsors to help make this new system possible. Please visit our "How you can help MME" page to learn more...

Will participants get wet and / or dirty?

Another good find

The short answer is YES! We recommend wearing older clothing and expect to get wet and dirty. The longer answer is MAYBE. This is a "roll up your sleeves and play in the dirt" kind of activity. The base material and the finds themselves in the enriched ore mixes are not likely to get people all that dirty - but, better safe than sorry! But getting damp or wet, well that is likely…

Are these programs available year-round, or do we have a “Gem Mining season?

This is generally an outdoor activity. We typically offer our outdoor gem mining programs from April to October in our local and regional service areas, though exceptions can be made.

From November to March, we are open to the possibility of running larger programs in “warmer or more moderate climate areas” of the united states from November through March. Please contact us for more details...

Exclusive MME enriched ore options:

Gemstone Miner Enriched ore picture

Ore Options Exclusive MME enriched ore options:

While the industry's focus seems to be profit driven, ours is clearly educational benefits and it shows. To date, we are now using well over 400 different types and grades of real gemstones, minerals, rocks, fossils, and more (industry average is only 18 to 28) that originated from as many as thirteen countries to create some of the nations most diverse and highest quality enriched ore options. These are all "hand-mixed" by our staff with a multistep quality control process in place to insure the consistent high quality  and diversity of finds that we strive to provide and you deserve from us. Click on Learn more... or the image on the right to learn more!

Service Area:

Service Area The real limiting factor is not so much how far we are willing to travel, but at what point is it no longer cost effective to do so. The larger the event or program, or the more events or programs we can book at or near a particular location, the further we can travel reasonably. Click on the "service area" link button to learn more...

Want more information? We would be more than happy to help...

For more information and to book a program or event, please go to our "contact us" page and click on the email links. Email is always the best method to contact us as we are out of the office during normal business hours preparing for or running programs. 

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