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Educational Geode Cracking Programs:

The Mobile Mining Experience (MME) Geode Cracking Program combines formal presentation and hands-on activities to introduce participants to geology in a fun, safe and interactive way.  Knowledgeable and friendly MME staff provides a respectful environment where participants can openly share their thoughts and ask questions. Pictures, banners, geode specimens, mineral specimens and other learning aids are used to reinforce material covered and frequent learning checks (with prizes for those that raise their hands and correctly answer questions) ensure participants stay engaged throughout the program.


Typical Geode Cracking Program Itinerary:

1.      Introduction
Staff introductions and quick program overview

2.      Presentation

 Short, focused, interactive dialogue exploring the following questions:

3.      Safety Rule Review
Before moving to the hands-on portion of the program, all participants must agree to follow are simple safety rules:

IMPORTANT: If for any reason Mobile Mining Experience staff deems conditions to be unsafe, we reserve the right to shut things down with little or no warning until such time conditions change to permit safe operations to resume. This includes, but is not limited to equipment malfunctions, behavioral issues and/or unsafe practices by participants.


4.      Hands-on activity – Let’s get cracking!
Each participant cracks and keeps a geode. Throughout this portion of the program, we continue to ask questions and award small prizes to keep everyone involved.


If participants are cracking multiple types of geodes, we simply repeat the process until complete.

5.      Fluorescent Mineral Demonstration (Optional & time permitting)
Short fluorescent mineral demonstration showing the vivid greens and sometimes even reds, blues and orange colors that appear when many geodes are exposed to short wave, mid wave and long wave ultraviolet lights.

6.      Wrap-up and Final Questions (Time permitting)
Participant geodes, as well as, geode and mineral specimens from our collection are used to review key points. Any final questions are answered and the group is released.


We also run these programs on select dates that are open to the public (see calendar of events page)

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