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Geode Cracking "Activity Only" Programs :

Looking for a great activity to add to your next event? Why not consider geode cracking!  While we do specialize in offering fun &  educational programs and experiences, we also are happy to offer our services in a activity only capacity.

Basic Geode Cracking activity:

Depending on the group size, we can set up anywhere from one to six of our custom made geode cracking stations.

How do it work? The participant chooses a geode and our friendly and knowledgeable staff places it into the geode cracking machine. Then the participant slowly turns the wheel to cut and crack open their geode revealing the crystals and minerals hidden inside for millions of years. Then they take their geodes to a wrapping station where they wrap their geodes in paper and place into a plastic bag to safely take their new "treasure" home... One thing for sure, it's a big hit! We recently set up three of our custom geode cracking stations for the Smithsonian's' Natural History Museum as part of their "Rock ON" festival and our staff cracked open around 700 geodes for the public. All the smiles we see during and all the positive feed back we receive after our events is proof positive, our geode cracking activities are a big hit!

Group or event size: We can accommodate group sizes of dozens, to hundreds, to many thousands of participants.

Space requirements: Actual space requirements vary depending on number of participants, time allotment, and other factors. We are happy to give you more details on space requirements once we have a clearer picture of your specific needs.

Cost: Depending on the event type, we can run a geode cracking "activity only" program as a "pay as you go", "prepaid" or a combination of the two. Our staff will be happy to discuss which option might be best for your event.

Fundrasier Geode Cracking activity:

We also offer geode cracking as a fundraiser activity. These programs are basically the same as what was described above, only we donate a portion of the gross sales back to the organization sponsoring the event. Actual percentage of sales varies depending on many variables. Our staff will be happy to discuss which option might be best for your event.

Educational Geode Cracking Programs:

We also offer geode cracking both as a hands-on fun & educational program. please visit our "Educational Geode Cracking Program" page for more information.

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