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VISIT OUR NEW GEOLOGIC TIMES CORPORATION (d.b.a. Mobile Mining Experience & GTC Rock Shop)  WEBSITE: Its still under construction and there will be updates, pages removed, and new pages added multiple times a day. However, it is up and running and we encourage you to visit the new website at . We plan to take this site (the old Mobile Mining Experience website) down in the coming weeks and the old domain will be linked to the new website. Thank you for your continued support and patience!


How you can help Mobile Mining Experience:

Tom CumminsAs always, we greatly value your continued support, comments, and suggestions... If you are considering making a donation, offering us a grant, or becoming a sponsor, please contact me via email at the email address within the image below. I do try my best to respond  to all emails within 24 to 48 hours. If I do not respond within 48 hours, please send me another email. I sometimes receive well over 100 emails a day at times....  Thank You, Tom Cummins, Founder & CEO


If you like us now, your going to love us in the future...

We are all very excited about what MME has accomplished thus far and will become in the future, and for many good reasons. But by far, the most important thing is that we are truly making a difference. Our goal and mission plan is "To provide fun & educational programs, products, and experiences with the goal of inspiring "kids of all ages" to explore and learn more about the sciences and to better educate the public on the importance of mining (when done right) and the many products and services it provides us...". We are very proud to say that we are doing just that.

Time and time again we have parents, teachers, and camp counselors tell us that we have inspired their kids to learn more about rocks, minerals, and science in general. They tell us how they were amazed by how much their kids were able to learn in the short time they were with us. They tell us how their kids no longer look at rocks the same way and how many of them have started collections of rocks and minerals. They tell us how science has now become their kid’s favorite class in school and so much more. Bottom line, we set out to make a difference and we are.

"We are NOT just providing some fun experiences, this was always intended to be much more than that, and it clearly is... We are inspiring "kids of all ages" in science and that's what this is really all about! That's why MME exists and why we do what we do..."   Tom Cummins, Mobile Mining Experience

Despite our successes, we have still barely even begun to scratch the surface of what we plan to provide in the future and we are still not reaching nearly enough "kids of all ages" yet with our efforts either. Many believe that our educational programs are some of the very best offered in the nation today. If this is true, that's great. But, Mobile Mining Experience  vows to never stop improving every aspect of what we do and offer. We also realize that our programs and efforts must begin to reach beyond our current service area and efforts to do just that are underway.

This is all well and good, but the cold reality of it all is this is all very costly to do. We operate our programs on very low if any profit margins to keep them affordable for schools, youth groups, nature centers, summer camps, and so forth. Needless to say, that makes even covering our expenses much less invest back into the future vision and mission plan of Mobile Mining Experience and the "kids of all ages" nearly impossible.

Thankfully, and to this point, we had our rock, mineral, and fossil sales element on both the retail and limited wholesale level that has kept just enough cash flow coming in to cover shortfalls on revenues generated for our programs and still make some improvements over the past several years. But, to take this to the next level, we clearly will need a great deal more resources than we will be able to generate on our own.

While we never intended to reach out for assistance, many of our loyal and supportive clients and good friends of MME have made it very clear to us that not only is it alright to ask for help, but that we should ask for the help, and that many will want to help.... All I can say is your help is both needed and very appreciated. Any and all support be it by donations, grants, sponsorships, or in other ways will be used to make what we do even better and enable us to reach far more "Kids of all ages"... On the "how you can help MME" page of our website you will find some of our identified needs that we seek your help with including a link  to our "GoFundMe" page which enables you to make donations both quickly and safely. But, this is far from complete and we welcome your support in many other ways too .

Thank you,

Tom Cummins, Director of Operations
Mobile Mining Experience


Ways you can help further our mission:

Sponsorship / Advertising Opurtunities:

Sponsorship / Advertising Opurtunities
Sponsorship, or call it "advertising" if it helps, is an ideal way to support our efforts. Click on the " Sponsorship / advertising" link button to view a growing list of Sponsorship / advertising support options  


Support in the form of Grants:


Mobile Mining Experience is seeking support for several new educational programs that are very well suited to be awarded in the form of grants. Please click on the " Grants" link button to view a growing list of possible programs that might meet your grant requirements. If you don't see something that fits, contact us anyway. We are open to other options, provided it fits in with the scope of our mission statement 


 Donations of minerals, fossils, and other materials:

Materials Donations
We gladly accept donations of minerals, fossils, and other materials for use in our educational programs, displays, and our future interactive museums. regardless if its one specimen or an entire collection, we would be very grateful for your donation and will put them to good use. Please click on the " Materials Donations" link button to learn more about how you can make mineral, fossil, and other material donations.


Donations of Mining Equipment, antique to modern day:

Mining Equipment Donations

Donations of mining equipment from all eras is badly needed for both educational programs and educational displays not and for our future museums. Please click on the " Mining Equipment Donations" link button to learn more.


Donations of lapidary equipment and supplies:

Lapidary Equipment Donations

We gladly accept the donations of any and lapidary equipment and supplies for use in our educational programs, displays, and our future interactive museums. Please click on the " Lapidary Equipment Donations" link button to learn more.


MME Employment & Volunteers:

Employment / Volunteer page

We are always looking to add great people to our staff to make this all possible. Volunteers willing to assist in the development and preparations of educational materials, displays and programs are both welcome and often needed. please visit our employment web page for more details.


We need a new permanent home for Mobile Mining Experience:

We have moved our warehouse into a facility in Ijamsville, MD. While this facility meets our needs our storage needs today, it does not have enough available space to do many of the things we hope to do even in 2015 much less the future. In the years to come, we would like to have a facility that supports and compliments our mobile program aspect. Ideally, this location would have space outdoors for bulk storage, mobile gem mining flumes systems, cargo / program trailers, and company vehicles, That outdoor space would also include having permanent gem mining flume system and other outdoor activities. Indoors, there would be ample warehouse space, product prep area, offices, indoor gem mining and geode cutting areas, activity rooms / classrooms, an interactive museum, educational displays, retail store, and much more.

We have looked at several facilities over the past several years. The cost has simply been to high to proceed. If you own a property or know of someone whom has a property that might meet these needs and are willing to work with us on the rent or means to acquire the property, we would love to talk to you.

Many of those that want to help have asked the following questions. While we will try to answer them as best we can in this format, we encourage you to ask you question via email, or even better, in person where we might be able to give you much more complete answers. But for now, allow me to answer some of the most common questions...


Would my donations and / or sponsorship be tax deductible?:

The fine details explained

We have had a number of folks inquire about and making donations of equipment, materials, sponsorship of programs, grants, and so forth to assist us over the past several years. We do welcome and appreciate your generous efforts and contributions a great deal. But the big question we get all the time is if it would be tax deductible. We tried to do our best to cover the issues of tax deductibility as best as we can on the web page linked to the button on the left.


As always, we greatly value your continued support, comments, and suggestions... If you are considering making a donation or offering us a grant, please contact us via email at info @ Mobile Mining Experience .com (without the spaces...).
Thank You,

Tom Cummins, Director of Operations
Mobile Mining Experience

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