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Fossil ID pictures:

Bi Valve Brachipods Colonial Coral
   Corax Shark Crinoid Stems Gastropods
   Horn Coral Mosasaur Orthocerus
   Ray Plates
Sand Shark Bull Shark
Petrified Wood Trilobite
Petrified wood roots ammonite Amomonite
Megalondon Teeth_pieces Whale Vertebrae Ammonite
Whale ear Coprolite Corprolite

Coming soon!
Sea Urchins
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
More shark teeth!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
We will constantly be adding new fossils
Coming soon!

We regret that we do not have all of our fossils included in the above identification page. We are working on that and hope to have an update ready soon. We also plan to add a number of new fossil in the months and years to come...

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