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VISIT OUR NEW GEOLOGIC TIMES CORPORATION (d.b.a. Mobile Mining Experience & GTC Rock Shop)  WEBSITE: . We plan to take this site (the old Mobile Mining Experience website) down in the coming weeks and the old domain will be linked to the new website. Thank you for your continued support and patience!

Identify Your Finds:

Please click on the buttons below to access the various identification pages. NOTE: You might need to view multiple pages to identify all of your finds. We will be adding a great deal more to these pages in the future, so please check back!

Identify Your MME Rough Gemstone & Mineral Finds:

Rough Gemstones & Minerals Link Button

With well over 400 potential finds in our exclusive enriched ore options, this is the first section you might want to view to help identify your finds...




Identify Your MME Rough Educational Mineral & Rock Finds:

Rough Educational Finds Button

There are some potential rough stone finds that we use for our educational rough stones enriched ore options, and occasionally in other enriched ore options, that will not be found in our "Rough Gemstones & Minerals" identification pages. Click the button on the right to view more potential rough mineral & rock finds...



Identify Your MME Fossil Finds:

Fossil Button

Our exclusive line of enriched fossil ore options have quickly become very popular. Click the link button on the left to view our fossil identification pages




Identify Your MME Tumbled Stones Finds:

Tumbled Stones Button

We have been adding more and more tumbled stones to our long list of potential finds and 2016 will have likely the most new additions. Please click on the link button on the right to view the tumbled stones identification pages. However, please note that there will be many new additions to the tumbled stones pictured finds in the coming months...




Identify Even More Great MME Finds:

More Finds Button

We will often include things you might normally expect to find in a enriched ore. Things like agate ends, selenite towers, and so much more. Please click on the link button on the left to view just some of these potential finds




Identify Your MME Geodes:

Geodes Button

Our geode cracking programs and activities have been very popular. You can click on the image on the right to identify you MME geodes






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