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Lapidary and other Tools & Equipment Donations:

We gladly accept donations of lapidary and other equipment for use in our educational programs, displays, and our future interactive museums. regardless if its one piece or an entire collection of tools and equipment, we would be very grateful for your donation and will put them to good use.

Your much needed tools and equipment would be used in the preparation of, and the running of fun & educational programs with the intention of inspiring our "kids of all ages" both in the related sciences and the associated hobbies and possibly carrier paths.  regardless if its a single box of tools, or an entire room full of equipment and supplies, we will make arrangements to have our staff and/or volunteers come out, pack it up, and transport it to our warehouses.


Sales and auctions of donated Lapidary and other tools & equipment donations:

Occasionally, we may sell or auction off portions of a tools & equipment donation. This is only done when the donated equipment is outside our current needs be it quantities in the system, condition, and so forth. However, proceeds generated for the sale of any donated products or equipment are placed into a separate bank account that only includes donations, grant funds, sponsorship funds, and so forth. These funds are controlled by our educational program committee and the board of directors and used only on its intended purpose; educational programs and associated equipment, displays, and so forth required to run such


For more information, please contact:

Tom Cummins, Director of Operations

email: Tom @mobileminingexperience .com (without the spaces)

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