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MME retail & wholesale sales:

Before now, there were only a few events a month that you could purchase things from us. That's all about to change! Now there are many ways you can purchase rock, minerals, fossil, and much more from us.


Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Sales (Web Store)

Our long awaited web or online store will finally open soon! However, it will be at a new web address. Please check for more details including a link to the new on line store.

Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Sales (Retail - At Special Events, & Shows)

Just as before, we will continue to sell a assortment of minerals, fossil, and many other things at select events and shows. Please check our "Calendar of Events" page of our website for more details.

Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Sales (Retail - MME Showroom)

We are planning on opening a showroom at some point in the near future. However, there are many things ahead of this on our priority list. Please check back for more details

Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Sales (Wholesale)

We have been involved in wholesale sales with select clients for several years now. In 2018 /19, we plan to take on many new clients and expand our product offerings. learn more...

Fun & Educational DIY Program Kits & Supplies: (For schools, youth groups, nature centers, summer camps, etc.)

We have been getting requests for our program services not only from coast to coast in the USA, but from all around the world. Our current service area for use to run "in person" programs is very limited at this time. So we knew we needed to develop some larger scale DIY program kits to fill that need. In the process of working on these, we sadly discovered that most of the earth science related products being sold to schools, youth groups, nature centers, and summer camps and so forth were of very low quality at shockingly high pricing. So what first began as a plan to offer DIY program kits quickly spiraled into creating an entire educational product line. This will be a multi-year project with the first releases of the new product line beginning in fall, 2018.   learn more...



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