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New for 2016!   

Program is expected to be available beginning in the spring / summer of 2015

NOTE: This program is still in need of a sponsor or grant. Please contact us if you can be of assistance!

Minerals in your daily life


 A study of the minerals that make up everything we have and affect everything we do, i.e. the dishes we use to eat with, the homes we live in, our electronic devices. Designed to give an appreciation and understanding of how important minerals are to our daily lives.

Parameters Goals:

1. Learn what minerals are in everyday objects

2. Understand why we have mining, and while it can be damaging, think about what you are willing to give up.

3. Gain an enhanced appreciation for the resources of the planet.

4. Promote good stewardship of earth resources.

Program Length: 60 minutes

Age Range: Suitable for ages 7-­‐16, Ideal for ages 8-­‐13

Program Type: Classroom setting, interactive lecture

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