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Ore Options:


Below you will find information about some of our exclusive Mobile Mining Experience enriched ore mixes. Don’t see what you’re looking for… No problem, we happy to work with you to create a custom ore mix for your event.

Base material:MME deluxe gravel base

MME Deluxe Ore Base: Not all ore bases are created equal...
We pride ourselves in producing some of the highest quality enriched ore in the industry today. That begins with a base with no equal! There is no question, this does cost us more to produce. But, if you compare what we produce to any other enriched ore on the market, I think you will agree it's worth it and represents a superior value! There is nothing like it at even twice the retail cost...

Pictured on right is what we consider our discard gravels, not the finds, from one bucket of Gemstone Miner. It is loaded with colorful chips and dust from real gemstones and minerals from around the DOB_ore baseworld. There is actually more gemstones and minerals in what we consider discard material then what some gem mining operations provide as finds in their ore.

This MME Deluxe Ore Base material is used in a number of our enriched ore options. Simply look for the MME deluxe ore base logo (shown on left) 


 MME Simple Ore Base: We also use a sand and plain gravel base similar to that used in most bulk produced enriched ores with a few of our enriched ore options. This is primarily used where our "Deluxe Ore base" would created issues in thorough searching for finds, or those enriched ores that our deluxe base simply didn't seem to be the appropriate ore SOB_logobase to use. This includes our "Shark Attack" fossil ore and our new "Sea Shell" ore options. In an effort to offer a lower cost enriched ore option, we also use this simple base in our new "Junior Miner" enriched ore and possibly in a few other new additions in 2013. Simply look for the "MME Simple Ore Base" logo (shown on left)  which will indicate it's use.


GB_logo MME Gravel Base:  Unlike our deluxe ore base, this base option will contain virtually no sand, dirt, or gemstone & minerals chips or dust. By design, the "finds" we will be using in this new enriched ore will be more challenging to find in special mixture of gravels specifically chosen to add to the challenge and difficulty. With out a doubt, it will take far longer to search thru this material and you will miss some finds in this base! Good luck, your going to need it!


2016 MME enriched ore options:


Mobile Mining Experience proudly offers nearly a dozen exclusive enriched ore options. These are all hand-mixed by our staff to ensure the highest quality possible! Each of these high quality enriched ore options are available in several sizes.  By far, the most popular ore option, and the one we typically specify and use in most of our programs, is the “Gemstone Miner” enriched ore in the medium size.  


Gemstone Miner enriched oreThe “Gemstone Miner” enriched ore:DOB_ore base

This is by far our most popular enriched ore option, and for good reason! It's likely the richest and most diverse mix of real gemstones, minerals, and fossils that can be found anywhere... We haven’t found another enriched ore on the market, even at many times the price we charge, that even comes close.

 We see plenty of smiles on our clients faces while they work the material in our gem flumes and reveal their finds for the first time, and when that proudly show off their bag of finds when they finish the first bag or bucket and everyone thereafter...But what we are most proud of is the educational benefits  this ore mix provides. While the majority of the actual finds included is random, we have certain types of gemstones and minerals included in ever bucket to create opportunities to add educational elements into the activity.

Diversity: We use well over 400 different types and grades of real gemstones, minerals, fossil and more to create this enriched ore, and the list continues to grow all the time... Compare this to the current industry average typically is only between 16 and 28, and we believe that the difference is “crystal clear” !

Just how rich is this ore? Very ! You can expect to find well over a full pound of finds with some buckets actually containing nearly two pounds of finds… Compare this to the current industry average on total finds of only between 1 to 9 ounces of finds, with many of which are so small we would consider them discards in our ore, and the difference is again “crystal clear”

Size of finds: If that wasn’t enough, we move on to size of our finds... In this ore, most of ours are between 20 to 50 grams in size, but with some pieces over 150 grams plus in size being found. Industry average has most of them ranging from under a gram to around15 grams in size, but with some ores having a few pieces up to around 20 to 40 grams.

Gemstone Miner XXL (a limited edition enriched ore option)

While not as diverse as our extremely popular "Gemstone Miner", this new enriched ore more than makes up for that in the size of the bucket, the size of the finds, and amount of the finds. With over five full pounds of finds that range in size from 50g to 250g, this ore is sure to provide lots of smiles. But, don't wait to long, this is a limited run ore!... (available for a limited time at the Clark's Elioak Farm, our season location...)


Shark Atttack enriched ore 

The  “Shark Attack” enriched ore:SOB_logo

This enriched fossil ore mix includes a very diverse and rich mix of fossils from around the world. As the name might suggest, it’s loaded with real shark teeth! But there is plenty of other fossils to be found, most of which are all many millions of years old..You will find over a pound of real fossils in every bag / bucket. Plus, it’s very diverse too… There are over 28 different possible fossils used, and the list is still growing.




Mother Lode ore

“The Mother Load” enriched ore:

DOB_ore baseWe pride ourselves in offering the best product possible at all times. But this enriched ore mix really takes the cake! Averaging over 11 lbs. of finds, this extra large sack or bucket is a very heavily enriched ore that is loaded with gemstones and minerals including some specimens that were simply too big to put into our other ore mixes. Our MME staff have nicknamed this ore "the kitchen sink" since we often will toss in nearly anything we find near the mixing stations including Agate Ends, Geode pieces & halves, Amethyst Druze, selenite towers, coins, fossils, you name it...  Note: this specially enriched ore mix may not be available at all times.




Educational Plus ore

“Educational Plus” enriched ore: DOB_ore base

This exclusive enriched ore mix includes some of the same gemstones and minerals you might find in our standard Gemstone Miner enriched ore mix. However, the educational ore mix also includes specimens of each of the three rock types; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks making it a excellent choice for educational programs.  We also select some of the materials used in this ore mix for the purposes of opening conversation about the importance of the rocks and minerals around us and how they are used to produce the products and services we use in our daily lives.

This is also an excellent ore choice for youth group programs such as Cub Scouts to help earn their geology belt loop, as well as summer camps, schools, recreation centers, nature centers, and other groups looking to run a hands-on geology activity or program.

Bonus: randomly, and to add excitement, we make bags / buckets ‘‘extra rich” by adding additional gemstones, mineral specimens, geode pieces, and much more.


Emerald Plus ore

 “Emerald Plus” enriched ore: DOB_ore base

If you are especially fond of emeralds, then this is the enriched ore mix for you. You can find a number of different gemstones in this mix. But just as you might assume by its name, this is a custom gemstone ore mix includes an extra heavy enrichment of emeralds rough that is sure to please.





SOB_logoOur "Mixed Tumbled Stones" enriched ore features a wide variety of small to medium sized tumbled stones from around the world. Most of them will be natural stones, but with a few dyed stones mixed in too...



SOB_logoIn addition to our "Mixed Tumbled Stones" enriched ore, we will also have a "Jumbo Tumbled Stones" enriched ore . As the name might suggest, these are much bigger tumbled stones. They average 1 to 2", but with some being nearly 3" in size...




DIY kits & products:

We now offer Mobile Mining Experience DIY (do it yourself) gem mining kits and products. These, along with many other products, will be available soon at our online store. You will soon be able to purchase our most popular enriched ore mixes, complete DIY mining party kits, and so much more

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