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Below you will find some additional information regarding the tax deductibility of your generous support. However, we advise you to seek a more official position on the tax deductible status from your accountant and / or tax preparer.

Is Mobile Mining Experience a 501c3 non profit?

While effectively operate like a non profit, the short answer is no, the company is not structured as a 501c3 (Non-profit company).  However, that can and likely will change at some point in the future...

Are donations to MME tax deductible?

We have had a number of folks inquire about and making donations of equipment and much needed cash to assist us over the past several years. We do welcome and appreciate your generous grants, donations, and other contributions a great deal. But the big question we get all the time is if it would be tax deductible. We tried to do our best to cover the issues of tax deductibility below

We advise you to seek a more official position on the tax deductible status. However, something in a the form of a grant or sponsorship

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